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5 Weekend Activities to Replace Screen Time

Chevy survey reflects country's passion for pickups | Medium Duty Work Truck  Info

Screen time is not an unusual activity for teenagers on weekends after a long week at school. Instead of relying on television or the Internet, here are five quick ideas to spend quality time together away from screens.

Go Hiking

Even people who live in the heart of a big city can find a nice place for a family hike and picnic. Nature also offers a place where cell phone signals aren’t the strongest, so it’s even more of an excuse to leave the phones behind.

Build Something

A building project is a wonderful way to bond with your children and teach them new skills. Whether it’s putting in a treehouse or fixing up an old automobile, you can keep these projects affordable by purchasing used pickup truck beds, scrapped construction lumber, and junkyard parts and tools. Finding the proper materials may be most of the fun.

Play Games

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What is a Hopper Bottom Job?

Westbound Pete hauling grain | Randy | Flickr

If you’re looking for a new job, there are lots to consider. What kind of lifestyle do you want? What starting pay are you looking for? What skills do you currently possess? What skills would you like to learn? Would you have to relocate for the new position? All these questions (and more) are important to take into consideration when starting to fill out job applications. If you have some experience driving trucks and also enjoy agriculture, then hopper bottom jobs may be something to look further into.

What is a Hopper Bottom Job?

In its simplest form, a hopper bottom job is one that involves driving a large truck that has a hopper bottom trailer attached. Typically, these hopper bottom trailers are used to transport things like dirt, soil, fertilizer, sand, and grains and corn from place to place. Usually, the trailer is filled from the top and then … Read the rest

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3 Secrets of Maintaining a Log Home

Preserving Old Cabins

All houses need yearly maintenance, but log homes require special care because of the way the building is constructed. Rather than letting your costly investment deteriorate in front of your eyes and fall into disrepair, you can easily stay on top of the small preservation tasks required each year.

1. Pests

Insects love to burrow into unsealed or dead wood. That is why it is important to keep all dead pieces of wood, fireplace logs, and dying brush at least 6 feet away from your home. Check yearly for signs of carpenter bees, termites, and carpenter ants. While wandering around your home, look for signs of squirrels, woodpeckers, and raccoons, too. Even a tiny hole can allow the critters entrance into your home.

2. Moisture

The best way to prevent your log home from soaking up moisture near the ground is to remove garden beds that require a great … Read the rest

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5 Component Damage That Can Cause A Car Engine That Is Underpowered

Have you ever felt that the car you have suddenly has no power? Or maybe the car’s fuel consumption is more wasteful than usual? This can happen because of the accumulation of carbon deposits from the combustion that accumulates in the engine combustion chamber. Then why did it happen that there was a buildup of carbon in the combustion chamber?

Carbon buildup in car engine combustion chamber

The reason the car is underpowered is because of the buildup of carbon in the engine combustion chamber of the car. Well, why did this happen? The buildup of carbon in the engine combustion chamber of a car can occur due to incomplete combustion. The reason is the use of inappropriate fuels or poor quality.

Dust and oil or oil vapor also have a role in the accumulation of crust that comes from the intake suction. Both components enter and then settle and … Read the rest

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3 Fun Summer Vacation Ideas for Families

As summer approaches, you’re probably looking forward to a fun-filled family vacation. Not sure where to go this summer? Here are three fun vacation ideas that will provide your family with warm, lasting memories.

1. Take a Family Road Trip

Taking a exciting road trip is almost like a right of passage for a family in the summer. If you have a large family, consider renting or purchasing a state-of-the-art RV to drive in comfort and style. Before you head out, make sure your RV is properly protected by insurance for an RV King George VA. Plan ahead and research camp sites along your route that will accommodate your RV, as well as provide fun outdoor activities for the kids.

2. Enjoy a Relaxing Cruise

Why not enjoy a memorable cruise this summer with your family? Cruise lines can take you all over the globe, from the frozen wonders … Read the rest

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