How to Fix Wet Battery

After all the tools needed are ready. The first step you can take is to start to repair the wet battery by removing the battery from the car. Do not forget to use gloves and masks that have been prepared, friend. The second step, namely by opening the cover of the battery holes by using pliers or wrenches to make it easier. Actually, you can also open it without tools, but it will be easier and safer with tools.

The third step, dispose of liquid in the damaged battery. You do this by reversing the battery. Dispose of the liquid in a safe place. Keep out of reach of children. In addition to the pungent smell, also remember that the liquid battery is also very dangerous when exposed to the body. The fourth step, enter the hot water through the battery holes. After that shake it and throw it back. After cleaning it with hot water, then Friends can use plain water to rinse the battery container by shaking the contents of the battery using plain water. Do it repeatedly so that the battery elements become clean.

The fifth step, turn the battery over and leave until there is no water left. The sixth step, after all the remaining water runs out, fill the battery with zuur battery water to the maximum extent. Use a small funnel to fill the battery with zuur battery water, friend. The seventh step, charge the battery. This process takes an entire night. Use a small-flow charger to make it more stable and durable.

After these seven steps, you do it, guaranteed you can use your car battery again. Easy right? Even though it’s easy, you should also regularly take care of the wet battery so it doesn’t get damaged quickly. By diligently controlling the height of the battery water. Also do regular wet battery maintenance, maximum every two months, my friend.