Friends certainly agree that the battery is one important component in the car. If analogous, the battery is a life for the car. There are two types of batteries in the car, namely wet batteries and dry batteries. It is undeniable that wet batteries are still an option for some people, although there are now many dry batteries or maintenance free batteries that are preferred because of their minimal maintenance.

However, if the wet battery is not routinely treated, it will certainly cause the wet battery to be damaged. In addition, a dirty battery and a long lifetime can also make a wet battery quickly damaged. If the battery is damaged, it will certainly affect the mood of your Friends in the move. Especially if the damage is suddenly in moments that are not desirable, while in a hurry to go to the office for example.

Well, when the battery is wet in a damaged friend’s car, actually you don’t need to go to the garage. We will share how to improve wet battery. In an easy way and does not require a lot of costs. But, friends must also be careful because the battery water will be dangerous if exposed to the body which can cause irritation to the skin.

Here are some easy ways to fix a wet battery.

Preparing Tools and Materials

Before starting to improve, of course first Friends must prepare the tools and materials needed. There are seven tools and materials that you can get easily. The first is of course the battery water or can also be called the battery zuur. This water can be obtained from a friend in car repair shops or also already in the market. This battery water is usually packaged with a label and a red bottle cap. Zuur battery water is also commonly referred to as hard battery water because this water contains electrolytes in the form of sulfuric acid.

The second thing that a friend needs is a screwdriver, gloves and a mask if needed because it really smells of stinging water. Then you also need to prepare hot water, plain water that you can store in a bucket. And lastly, Friends also need a small funnel.