Summer storms are just around the corner, and that means the possibility of hail. The balls of ice from the sky can range from the size of a pea to a grapefruit and can do thousands of dollars of damage to a vehicle. If your car gets caught in a sudden hail storm, here’s what to do before you call for hail storm vehicle repair denver co.

Assess the Damage

After the storm passes, do a visual inspection of the vehicle. Even small hailstones can leave dents and dings in the body of the car that can reduce the value of the vehicle. Larger stones often crack or shatter the windshield. The first thing to do is protect the interior of the car from water. Cover broken glass with cardboard and throw a large sheet of plastic or a tarp over the car.

Decide on Repairs

If you owe money on the car, you are required to carry full insurance coverage, so you will probably be going through your insurance company for repairs. If the car belongs to you outright, you can decide if you want to get it repaired. If you do, you will need to get an estimate.

Get an Estimate

Take your vehicle to an auto body repair shop that you have dealt with in the past or that was recommended by a friend. They will look over the car and tell you how much it will probably cost to fix it. Send this estimate to your insurance company. If the amount for the repairs is less than your deductible amount, you will need to pay the bill yourself. 

Insurance Coverage

Check your policy to make sure things like hail storms are covered. Some policies cover glass, while others require you to buy extra coverage. Once the repairs are done, keep any receipts and give them to the insurance company.

Hail can really do a number on your car. Be prepared to take immediate action if it happens to you.