Have you ever felt that the car you have suddenly has no power? Or maybe the car’s fuel consumption is more wasteful than usual? This can happen because of the accumulation of carbon deposits from the combustion that accumulates in the engine combustion chamber. Then why did it happen that there was a buildup of carbon in the combustion chamber?

Carbon buildup in car engine combustion chamber

The reason the car is underpowered is because of the buildup of carbon in the engine combustion chamber of the car. Well, why did this happen? The buildup of carbon in the engine combustion chamber of a car can occur due to incomplete combustion. The reason is the use of inappropriate fuels or poor quality.

Dust and oil or oil vapor also have a role in the accumulation of crust that comes from the intake suction. Both components enter and then settle and make the combustion chamber dirty. In addition, the many elements of paraffin and sulfur that enter the combustion chamber also cause crust buildup. A buildup of carbon crust will make the combustion chamber more narrow, resulting in an increased compression ratio so that the engine is unresponsive or the car is underpowered due to the stack crust.

Car compression is leaking

Poorly powered engines can also be caused by compression pressures of already weakened cars. Compression pressure is very influential on the performance of a car, because the air pressure in the combustion chamber will make gasoline easier to burn. So, if there is a problem with the compression pressure of the car, eating gasoline will be difficult to catch fire and cause the car to be underpowered.

The main characteristics of a car whose engine compression pressure is weak is the car is difficult to start in the morning, power or engine power is reduced, some cars emit white smoke from the exhaust, engine oil often runs out and the last is the sound of the engine that tends to be rough.

Components that cause the car is underpowered

In general, the weakened compression pressure is caused by a compression leak of a car engine. Due to weak compression, there is buildup of carbon crust in the engine room and further worsen the performance of your car’s engine. Compression leakage can occur anywhere and engine compression is usually weakened due to a gap or gap in the combustion chamber to the outside.

Over time and the use of some engine components will weaken. Therefore, a gap arises in some components of a car engine. What are the components that are susceptible to gaps that cause car engines to lack power, let’s see below.

Car engine piston ring

The first cause of underpowered car engine components is piston ring wear. The outside of the piston ring will continue to rub against the cylinder wall when the engine is started. This continuous friction will cause very little friction. But over time it will be great and the effect will be felt within a period of 5 years or more if oil changes are not done regularly. Therefore, to reduce the friction that is enlarged, do not ever forget to make changes to car engine oil.

Car engine cylinder block

In addition to the piston ring component, worn cylinder block components can also cause the car to be underpowered. The cylinder block is the path of the piston ring which will wear out if the lubrication in the component is lacking. In general, the cylinder block has more power than the piston ring still does not rule out the possibility of cylinder block wear happening faster than imagined.

The cause of the wear of the cylinder block that causes the engine to not power is the lack of lubrication in that part. Basically engine oil which will prevent friction between the piston ring and cylinder block. If there is less oil, then the wear of these two components will also occur more quickly and thus make the car less powerful.

Valve or valve leaks

Other causes of underpowered cars are leaks in valves or valves. The valve or valve serves as the entrance of material (air and gasoline) from the intake, and as the exit of exhaust gas from the engine to the exhaust.

Currently, many car engines implement a double valve system (DOHC), which means that in one cylinder there are two intake valves and two exhaust valves. This DOHC system will further facilitate the entry and release of material to the engine, but if there is an incorrect valve gap adjustment it will reduce the engine compression pressure or make the car less powerful.

Packing / cylinder head gasket

Other causes of underpowered cars are components of packing or gaskets that are torn or aged. The cylinder head packing or gasket functions to close the cylinder block components with the same cylinder head made of metal. Without gaskets, compression leaks will occur at this connection. So the gasket or packing plays an important role to prevent compression leaks in the lower cylinder block with the upper cylinder block.

Spark Plug Seal

Other causes of underpowered car engines are cracked or torn spark plug seal components. Spark plug seals will generally be replaced in every spark plug replacement, these seals are packaged with spark plugs (attached to the spark plug thread) so if you replace the spark plugs of the car then the spark plug seal will automatically be replaced. However, if you replace the spark plug with another spark plug that is not in accordance with the recommended size, of course the spark plugs work will not be optimal so that the engine of the car becomes powerless.

How to clean the buildup of carbon in the engine room

If you feel the car engine is underpowered, immediately bring the car to the nearest garage or your garage. In the workshop, the mechanics will test the compression of the car’s engine using a special tool to ensure that the Compression of the car is truly in accordance with the manufacturer. If the result turns out that the engine compression of a car engine is weak, then it would be nice for you to ask the mechanic to find out where the compression leak occurred.

If it turns out that the test results show that there is a very thick buildup of carbon in the engine combustion chamber, then you should not be discouraged.