Everything You Wanted To Know About Semi Automatic Transmission

An automatic (automatic) is a car that is easy to drive as there is no need to step on the clutch, for women who want the convenience of driving, an automatic can be an option as a private vehicle.

However, automatic cars have advantages and disadvantages. One thing we would like to discuss in this article is ‘the characteristics and symptoms of damage to an automatic car or automatic transmission‘ as the previous article stated that the maintenance costs of automatic cars are more expensive than cars with manual transmission. broadcast transmissions.

This article is very useful so that you can make immediate repairs if there is a problem with your car, so that the damage is not too serious.

You don’t actually have to bother being excited to check your auto car, you can check yourself if your friend’s car has a problem or not, usually before serious damage has the first signs.

It is not so difficult to detect the first symptoms of an automatic car breakdown. Friends just need to drive as usual and feel for something strange or out of the ordinary, such as a sudden bump, a low power engine, or strange noises from a car engine.

The following are the first symptoms of automatic car damage:

Strange noise when changing transmission

These types of noises can occur when the transmission shifts from N to D, or it can be from P to R, usually a ‘crackle’ or ‘track’ noise or other strange noises that you normally don’t hear, if your car is running. experiencing a drawing a sign of a malfunction in the automatic transmission system.

Pull force feels heavy or suffocates at times

Normally the engine also vibrates or pedales a little when the accelerator pedal is pressed and the brake pedal is released little by little, if there are 2 possibilities of damage the first with the electric automatic transmission is the possibility of damaging the solenoid pressure or the speed of the TCM sensor, now as the second In automatic cars with conventional types of automatic transmissions, the cause can usually be motor oil that is leaking or has not been replaced for a long time and is dirty, so the pressure cannot raise the gear lever at certain engine speeds.

Vibrate while driving

When you try to drive you will feel an unusual vibration from the engine, it is very likely that the clutch lining has been worn or in the worst case even burned.

Switching between transmissions sometimes drowns out

If you have experienced such a signal, there is a possibility that interference with the transmission mechanics, if not used, could get worse and the transmission could lock up, it is very dangerous, it usually occurs in reverse mode (R). Try to check the gearbox cable if it is peeling or not.

There is a jolt when changing automatic gear

In the latest automatic car, the gear stick feels smooth in general, even if it feels a little, it can be classified as normal, but if you feel a jolt as if someone is crashing behind you, you should be suspicious, this could be the problem . first. Damage to the electronic or mechanical system, such as a leak in the solenoid pressure that prevents the oil from lubricating completely when the gear changes at a certain engine speed.

Fuel consumption becomes waste

It is very common with cars, this is because the torque from the car engine cannot be channeled to the maximum to the wheels, so you need more engine speed for the fuel consumption (BBM) to become a waste .