For those who have a car

now it seems to have insurance is an obligation. Here’s how to take care of car insurance. It was easy!

The car is a favorite asset for some people

especially the owned car is a dream car. Certainly, the car will be cared for and protected as well as possible, and it is important to be careful in choosing insurance for your car.

One way to protect a car is to register it with insurance so that the car is covered from a variety of unwanted risks, both accidents, disasters, to loss.

Currently there are several types of car insurance available

such as all-risk insurance that can guarantee all bad risks to your car, especially for new cars.

This type of insurance will protect your car from minor damage, such as small blisters on the car body, heavy damage, to loss.

Then there is also total loss only which provides protection if the car you have is lost, in the case of robbery, theft or robbery.

For accident insurance there is collision coverage insurance in accordance with the name of this type of insurance is specialized in financing car accidents due to crashes caused by the driver.

Not much different from collision coverage, liability insurance also provides claim services based on the same case. But the difference is, this insurance can provide additional coverage, including the cost of medical bills for injuries suffered by the driver.

The last insurance you can register is the type of personal injury protection (PIP) product. This insurance provides special protection for drivers who have an accident against themselves while driving a car.